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Handle-it bag & Scrap Straps & Inner Pocket ~ € 299 combination deal! (normally this combination is € 337)
(regular prices are: Handle-it bag € 199, Scrap Straps € 69 and Inner Pocket* € 69)

• total needed scrapsize for a set of two straps: 65 cm x 24 cm (or two pieces of 65 cm x 12 cm)

Size of this bag is approximately:
A) 30 cm
B) 37 cm
C) 10 cm
D) 32 cm (< drop-length)
(actual length of the straps is 52cm, width 4cm each).

* Check and choose an Inner Pocket from my Etsy webshop, click here.

extra info:
The fabric part of these straps is hand-washable. By taking of the leather parts, you can gentle wash the fabric part by hand. Once the fabric is completely air-dried, put the leather parts and clasps back on and it's ready to use.
For durability, I sewed in a strengthened fabric strap on the inside, not visible, so the scrap doesn’t carry all the weight of a bag.
These Scrap Straps on the Handle-it bag are versatile to use too; over the shoulder, in your hand and even as a backpack!
A little bit of background info about the Robust leather; this leather is characterized by its robust, natural and ‘vintage’ appearance. The Robust leather with a natural appearance has a rich heritage, with the history of the animal showing in every mark and grain of their hide. Marks and scars in this leather are characteristics of an authentic leather hide. A few Robust colours are sold out and because of the exclusive character, I'm not able to re-stock. Grab your chance while these last colours are available.
Read and see more about the Handle-it bag base: click here