meet the maker


meet the maker

Interview with Cindy Jeurissen,
bag designer pur sang

In celebration of the 16th anniversary of Cin by Cindy Jeurissen, I was interviewed. Below the full interview with many ins and outs that you probably did not know yet…!

• • She successfully graduated in 2003 from the Art Academy in Maastricht with a collection of bags. Followed by an artisanal bag making course, to master the tricks of the bag making trade. There she learned that designing a nice bag is one thing, but working them out into thoughtful designs that are super nice to use and last a long time, is something else altogether. Cindy was barely 21 years old when she started and now is a true professional and artisan.

She has been making bags for 16 years under her label Cin by Cindy Jeurissen. One signature binds the collection, then and now.
Cindy’s distinctive style is recognizable by her use of characterful leathers, refined in a bag or accessory, which she designs and makes in her studio in Zaandam, The Netherlands; always fresh from the sewing machine. And always with a lot of passion!

• • Cindy, how do your designs come about?
“Before a new design is added to the collection, it often takes months. Developing ideas, making samples, leaving them alone for a while, ripening, thinking them over and using samples myself until it is exactly to my liking.

I’m a perfectionist.
The bag has to be right, down to the smallest details: from ease of use to portability. But also in terms of design and timeless styling.
Bagmaking itself is a craft, using special leather techniques. I use them every day.”

• • Cindy’s bags can be recognized by their tight stitching, chic lining and are always perfectly finished. Made from beautiful quality leather in balanced yet striking color combinations. Unique in design, it radiates personal love, dedication and craftsmanship. As a woman you feel super special carrying it, don’t you?!


• • I am a fan of your Custom-made bags; how did you get to that?
“When I started 16 years ago, my first collection was sold in a number of exclusive fashion stores. From there the sales outlets expanded, I was at international fairs and even opened my own studio store in Amsterdam together with a goldsmith. Every year I designed a limited editions collection which I then produced myself, or by professional leather workshops in Europe. My Cin by Cindy Jeurissen brand kept growing.

But time also changed, the internet evolved and sales through web shops grew. Privately, time didn’t stand still either, I became a mom and moved to quieter Zaandam with an inhouse studio. It was an ideal situation to go back to basics and produce all the bags myself.

When my second daughter was born, I discovered the world of exclusive baby wraps. And I saw a wonderful opportunity to combine my work with my brand-new love for luxury wraps, wraps made of high-class materials such as silk, cashmere and baby camel.


I started cooperating with the groundbreaking Dutch brand Artipoppe. Later on other international baby wrap brands followed.

I was actually the very first bagdesigner combining pieces of wraps in leather bags!
In a chic and refined way. The result is a practical, yet beautiful bag. A nice reminder of the very special, but short time that you carry your child in these precious wraps.

Since that moment, now about 7 years ago, I mainly make unique custom-bags.
It couldn’t be more unique and personal! One of a kind models, which customers can put together themselves in the online Design Tool, in terms of color and leather choices, use and handle.


• • You only work with real leather. How important is sustainability to you?
“I can be brief about that: durability and lifespan of a bag are extremely important to me.
Because I make every bag or accessory myself, I have control over every step of the process, sustainability at its best. I use leather that is a by-product of the food industry. I barely throw anything away and turn leather scraps into purses and ‘Inner Pockets’ for the ‘Handle-it bag’. And I donate to interested hobbyists and schools.
But my best contribution to sustainability is that a Cin Bag is reliable, has a long lifespan and doesn’t need to be replaced.

• • Do you have any more passions?
And this love for photography fits in nicely with my first passion: bag designing and making.
Because with an international clientele, it’s not an option to get on your bike to come and see the bag that I have made for you, haha.

A high-quality image of your custom-made bag is therefore essential. And that can be more difficult than you think, because some bags are beauties in real life, but are hard to catch on film. And that’s where my passion comes in: I fine-tune the image until the bag in the photo is similar to the real product. I also love to make photos of nature, usually during my runs, which I post on Instagram, maybe you have seen them.


• • Do you still have dreams?
I am not such a dreamer, but more of a now-person. I am very happy with how things are going and I enjoy my work a lot. The fact is, I have actually grown by remaining small…
But what is small anyway as I now ship bags to 23 different countries worldwide? Who would have thought that 16 years ago!”


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