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front view inside view
Big Spender ~ € 149 excluding long strap / € 169 including long strap

The Big Spender is a wallet, purse and clutch in one; a large size wallet which can easily be worn as a clutch or transformed into a purse with the slim and sophisticated adjustable long strap. The Big Spender lends itself very well to be creative while designing. Use lots of bold colours and make it pop!

More detailed info in this Facebook post

• fabric on bottom front: needed scrapsize: 10 cm (hight) x 26 cm (width)
I would like to advise to use a bit sturdy/thicker fabric in a darker colour, because of the daily character you'll probably use this Big Spender!

Size of the Big Spender is approximately:
A) 13,5cm
B) 23cm
C) 36cm
~ with the long adjustable strap, the Big Spender can be worn crossbody. It's adjustable from a minimum of 72 cm to 135 cm.