customize your bag


Carpe Diem bag (backpack/hand-/shoulderbag) ~ € 350

• with short handles ~ € 365
• extra wide 4cm Backpack straps (standard width 2,3cm) ~ € 365
• with short handles and extra wide 4cm Backpack straps (standard width 2,3cm) ~ € 380

• with 'Side Curves': needed scrapsize: 23 cm (high) x 43 cm (width)
• without 'Side Curves': needed scrapsize: 23 cm (high) x 56 cm (width)

Size of this bag is approximately:
A) 40cm
B) 12cm
C) 35cm
D) 15cm (< drop-length short handles)
E) 28cm
F) 26cm (< drop-length shoulder piece)
~ the backpack straps are 2.3cm wide and adjustable from a minimum of 40cm to 74cm.

This Carpe Diem bag is possible to wear in 4 different ways:
★ backpack, using the 'backpack straps'
★ handbag, using the 'short handles'
★ shoulder bag, using the 'shoulder piece'
★ cross-body, while using one (extra wide, for more comfort) 'backpack strap'.

Special effect:
The Virgin leather ages with time and wear. See bottom picture; from first use on the right, to using it for a few weeks on the left, the leather becomes much darker and loses it's virginity.

Extra comment for when you're designing your own Carpe Diem bag; not all leathers are a perfect match regarding leather-thickness and choices for top and bottom parts of the bag.
I will advise you after receiving your screenshots.