customize your bag


Flow bag ~ € 180

•• with a 'long single leather strap' ~ € 180
•• with a 'long adjustable strap' strap ~ € 200
•• with a 'Link'* strap ~ € 235

* see 2 photos below as an example of the Link strap. This strap can be made in the leather colours: Olive, Golden, Virgin, Navy Pebble, Violet, Tangon, Souris, Magenta, Lama, Gorbi, Black, Espanol and Aqua (same colours which are choosable at 'string'). Mail me for more info!

• fabric front with leather bottom, leather back: needed scrapsize: 17 cm (hight) x 38 cm (width)

Size of this bag is approximately:
A) 20cm
B) 32cm
C) 10cm
D) 65cm < this is the drop-length of the 'long single leather strap' (It's adjustable to a shorter strap by re-knotting on the inside) ~ actual length is 125cm
~ the long adjustable strap is 3cm wide and adjustable to max 125cm.

★ additional info: all 'Flow's' are lined with a dazzling Fuchsia fabric.