customize your bag


M.O.M. bag ~ € 335 for a bag including one 'long strap' or 'handle'.

M.O.M. stands for Mirror Of Mood.
This bag will mold to your mood. In mood for a small getaway, day of shopping, traveling to work or just a quick trip to the supermarket? Depending on what's in it, this bag molds into a large size bag. Or when you have only little to carry, the moldable leather fits softly around your body and the bag feels almost weightless. 
Besides that the M.O.M. bag can form according to function, the bag can mirror your mood; in the mood for a stroll and some shopping? Use the short shoulder strap in a chique bold colour. Longer hike ahead or is your bag becoming more heavy because of all your purchases, use the backpack straps and wear the bag easily on your back or cross-body.

• with 'backpack straps' ~ € 375
• only 'backpack straps' and no 'long strap' or 'handle' ~ €345
• with 'backpack straps', 'long strap' and 'handle' ~ € 400
• *no frontpocket ~ in case you do not want a front pocket, € 35 will be deducted.
• *no backpack loops ~ in case you do not want the backpack loops, € 9 will be deducted.
*so if you do not wish a 'front pocket' and no 'backpack loops', the bag is only € 291 including one 'long strap' or 'handle'.

• needed scrapsize: 31 cm (high) x 40 cm (width)

Size of this bag is approximately:
A) 55cm
B) 10cm
C) 38cm
D) 35cm (< drop-length handle)
E) 40cm
~ the 'handle' is 4,5cm wide and 32cm length.
~ the 'backpack straps' are 2.3cm wide and adjustable from a minimum of 40cm to 74cm.
~ the 'long strap' is 3cm wide and adjustable from a minimum of 55cm to max 102cm.

This M.O.M. bag is possible to wear in 4 different ways:
★ shoulder bag, using the 'handle'
★ backpack, using the 'backpack straps'
★ cross-body, using the 'long strap'
★ cross-body, using the 'handle' and wear it high on your back