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Pleats To Meet You bag ~ € 175

This new ‘Pleats to meet you’ bag is brand new and part of the customizable collection of bags. This cute refined small bag is ideal for a trip to the supermarket, only carrying your essentials. Or while going out, to a concert, a party or to the playground with kids. Perhaps while carrying your littlest one in a wrap and wearing a matching bag. This bag suits almost every occasion, because of its relatively compact size.

The name ‘Pleats to meet you’ finds its origin because of when introducing this bag for the first time, I did that in collaboration with some awesome weavers and I am very pleased to meet them! You might meet some new people too while wearing it, when you are at a party for instance (; And of course it refers to the pleated leather in the bag.

There are three versions available with two strap options. Have a good read and look at the photos about all further info in this Facebook folder.

• with ’top-front' ~ € 175
• with sophisticated narrow strap 1.5cm ~ € 175
• with practical wider strap 2.5cm ~ € 185

• full fabric front: 22 cm (hight) x 26 cm (width)
• party fabric with leather 'top-front’*: 17 cm (hight) x 26cm (width) *recommended for bags with more delicate fabrics

Size of this bag is approximately:
A) 18cm
B) 26cm
C) How voluminous the ‘Pleats to meet you’ bag becomes depends on what’s put in there.
The strap is adjustable from a minimum of 72cm to 135cm

★ additional info: you can have this bag lined with your own (wrap) fabric! See bottom picture for example. Needed scrap size for this is in TWO pieces: one piece of 20 cm (hight) x 28 cm (width) AND one piece of 28 cm (hight) x 44 cm (width). The extra costs to have your Pleats to meet you bag lined with your own fabric is €20