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Waves Wallet ~ € 59

A practical wallet, the ‘Waves wallet’. Small enough to fit in your smallest bag, like the ‘Pleats to meet you', large enough to have room for numerous cards and some small change.
On the front there are two waved-shaped pockets for cards. There’s one loose leather card holder inside. Because this firm leather will mold to the amount of cards you’ll put in there, there will fit in a lot cards. And they stay safe and snug.

• needed scrap size: 16 cm (hight) x 18 cm (width)

Size of this item is approximately:
A) 10.5cm
B) 15.5cm

- - extra info about the firm leather used in the base of the Waves Wallet: The leather has a natural appearance and produces a unique worn-in effect with time and wear. Scratches and the likes will appear soon while using the wallet. This is normal (: